Derek Zemmin is an accredited nutritional therapist, yoga instructor and public speaker. His goal is to educate and create awareness for wellness and nutritional health. Derek operates an online, global nutritional therapy and well-being practice aimed at helping clients with life choices, mental & physical stress, vitamin & antioxidant deficiencies, cleansing programs, food plans, sports nutrition, healthy aging, weight loss and other lifestyle goals. Derek’s passion is rooted in the fact that he has personally faced these issues and has made changes resulting in a dramatic lifestyle turnaround. This result has fueled Derek’s desire to help others do the same.

Derek born in Detroit Michigan spent most of his career in marketing and advertising graduating with a BFA in 1994 from Columbus College of Art & Design. 1995 he was offered to build a creative department for a major automotive distributor in Detroit Michigan. In less than a month, he had established an advertising department from the ground up, and was named art director of the TSC Design Center. There he created a new look for the company, presenting new designs of the typical automotive sales materials and changing them into stunning graphics and conceptual marketing strategies.

After accomplishing these goals, Derek decided to start his own business. In May 2003, he moved to Key West, Florida, and opened his own agency, KeyDesigns. Right in the heart of Old Key West, he began a new journey into local and national marketing. Producing brochures, business cards, magazine ads, clothing apparel, and aiding local charities, Derek established a living in south Florida. He learned the significance of giving presentations and the importance of speaking to different businesses to meet their needs. In the summer of 2005, five hurricanes hit south Florida destroying most of the island, crippling the tourism industry and many businesses had to close up shop.

In October of 2008, Derek decided to pursue a burning desire to explore other parts of our world, notably Australia. After living in Western Australia for a year he than later moved to the Gold Coast and started to work for Apple Inc. There he found a desire to speak performing various workshops, hands on training events, specialty group lectures, internal presentations on company procedures and product tutorials. Excelling in this area he became one of the lead trainers specializing in giving presentations, educating groups and one on one training.

Along with operating an online global nutritional therapy practice, Derek also performs weekly speeches about business, work/life/balance and living a healthy lifestyle through the wonders of nutrition. These topics many of us struggle with on a daily basis.

"If you have ever had the flu or a nasty cold it effects your entire day or week. If you wake up feeling exhausted, run down, stressed out or simply tired the same emotion applies. It will still effect how you make decisions, how much energy you have and what level your operating at. Everything we do is based on a feeling; our emotional state. Whether you go with your gut, choose a colour, make a decision, take advice from someone else, choose a friend, etc. This also works the other way around; how are you acting in front of others if you do not feel great. Would a friend choose you based on how you feel/act, a job interview, a raise, opportunities you've missed out on, etc. Learning about nutrition is not just gaining information on food, it is a lifestyle change. When you start living it, feeling better, having more energy, getting more active, your whole life starts to change. Feeding the part of us that gives us more life will create better alternatives."